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We Put The Care in Scare!

So you would like to know a little more about UKHaunt!

Uk haunt was founded through our family's love for all things halloween.

Every year we hold a get together for friends and family to have a little halloween fun.

In the year 2014 we brought a coffin to use as a prop outside our home. We had visitors wanting to take photos of themselves in it, so we asked for a small £2 donation per person. 

Half of that went to the RSPCA. We had a lovely letter back from them. (photo below)


We found that after guests had their photos taken, they wanted to come in and see the rest of our halloween haunt.  


This has lead us to where we are today- Home Haunting!

2014 was amazing.

Now in 2015, with the help of our like minded friends Carl and Sally-anne Tarsey who actually rented the Coffin off of us last year for their own party. This has led to a great partnership and because of it this years UK Haunt is going to be bigger and better than ever with a complete walkthrough home haunt.

I quickly realized how many positive memories, I was creating - not for just the people that went through and experienced the haunt, but also for the actors and everyone involved. 

The reason we build our Haunt is to bring the community closer together especially the little ones so they can have a memory of a lifetime and maybe encourage one little kid to turn their passion of Halloween into something that the community can enjoy.

When walking the streets during Halloween there is always that one house that stands out and from the rest! 

We hope others will get hooked and share our passion for Halloween. 

We invite you to come and walk around the Haunt and make a donation for your experience.

Even though we say our haunt is not appropriate for children under 10 years, we have had all the family help set up and I have 3 children under 10! So its up to you.


If you would like to contact us please feel free to email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


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We are a Nonprofit project.


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Feedback 2015

Matt Lambert


That was awesome, thanks guys! Wish you could keep it up all year round.


Bryony Burgess

 Yes! Also I want to move in. 


Nicole Gardner

Absolutely amazing.


Jane Jackson 

Loved it well done.


Karen Coles


Absolutely brilliant, thank you!


Wendy Tuff

Fantastic - thank you!!!


Sharon Fielder


Brilliant well done we loved it x


Anthony Hartshorne

Excellent, well done, we all enjoyed it!


Hannah Wilson


Bloody brilliant! Well done guys you got me good and proper.


Amanda Rowles

Absolutely brilliant. Great fun for Halloween. Thank you very much.


Dracula & Mummy.

The Amazing amount of work you put in culminated in a spooktacular event.

Well done.


Debbie Claire Lenthall 

Brilliant place.. take my hat off to all who organised this and opened your home up and all for a good cause to .

Well done... my kids loved it thank you x


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